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Exhibit at Big Data TechCon -
the HOW-TO conference for Big Data and IT Professionals!

Download the ProspectusReach and sell to the database and business analysts, developers, software architects, data scientists, and project managers who are MAKING BIG DATA HAPPEN at their companies!

Attendance at the first Big Data TechCon is expected to be more than 500 IT professionals who need to master Big Data technologies. They'll be at Big Data TechCon to get practical answers to real problems, learn tangible steps to real-world implementation, and compare products and solutions from leading Big Data companies – like yours!

You will find active buyers for your Big Data-related tools and services at Big Data TechCon! Plus - there's no waste – every attendee is a qualified prospect.

Who will attend??
More than 500...
  • Database architects
  • Software developers
  • Business analysts
  • Data scientists
  • Project managers
  • Database developers
  • Vice President, Analytics
  • Database analysts
  • Software development managers
  • Data engineers
  • IT Managers
  • Database applications managers
  • Software engineers
  • Database administrators
  • Software architects
  • Business intelligence experts
  • Data warehouse managers
  • IT Directors
  • Business intelligence systems managers
  • Database managers
  • Data miners
Reserve your Big Data TechCon booth space to reach these active buyers today!! For more information contact:
Big Data Sales Manager
Brenner Fuller
Sales Director
David Lyman


Ten Great Reasons to Exhibit at Big Data TechCon
If you sign on early, more than 7,400,000 marketing impressions will build awareness of your and create interest in your products before the show.
All sponsoring and exhibiting companies receive at least one free conference pass for one of your own in-house developers – worth more than $1,200.
Big Data TechCon is inexpensive and easy to staff. Show hours are arranged to maximize your productivity and minimize standing-around time and the exhibition takes place in just two days.
Big Data TechCon is partnering with more than 30 media companies, websites, portals and user-group associations to spread the word with banners, newsletter sponsorships and print ads.
BZ Media is promoting Big Data TechCon – and its sponsors – with significant investments in direct, print, social media, paid search, and electronic marketing. This gives all sponsors great publicity and builds brand awareness even before the conference.
You'll talk to potential customers in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere — coffee breaks and the reception are in the exhibit hall so you will have plenty of time to meet each attendee.
Conferences cannot be beat in terms of face-to-face conversations with potential buyers and with existing customers. Plus, you'll get valuable feedback about your products you can never get online, as well as ideas for future products and upgrades.
Thousands of Big Data practioners who cannot get to the conference this year will still view your sponsorship logos and company/product descriptions and know that you have tools they should check out.
Meet and sell an estimated 500+ Big Data practitioners in just two days.
The market for Big Data products and solutions is big, BIG, HUGE! Don't wait for buyers to discover you. Find and meet them at Big Data TechCon.

What You Get

 Hyatt Regency Cambridge

Included in booth price:

Booth includes standard draped Table, 30" deep and 6' wide, with backdrop and sidewall drape dividers.

• Electricity (120 volts, 20 amps)
• Two Chairs
• Wastebasket
• ID sign

Contact Information

Big Data Sales Manager
Brenner Fuller
TEL +1-603-856-0674

Sales Director
David Lyman
TEL +1-978-465-2351
CELL +1-978-869-6628


Exhibition Hours
Tuesday April 9, 2013: 12:00pm–6:00pm • Wednesday April 10, 2013: 10:30am–3:00pm


A BZ Media Production