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Ryan BettsRyan Betts(Click here for classes)
Ryan is CTO at VoltDB, a Massachusetts-based company that delivers the world’s fastest high-velocity database. One of the initial developers of VoltDB’s commercial product, Ryan closely collaborates with customers, partners and prospects to understand their data-management needs and help them to realize the business value of VoltDB and related technologies. Prior to joining VoltDB in 2008, Ryan was a software engineer at IBM. During a four-and-a-half-year stint, he was responsible for implementing device configuration and monitoring as well as Web service management.

Before IBM, Ryan was a software engineer at Lucent Technologies for five years. In that role, he played an integral part in the implementation of an automation framework for acceptance testing of Frame Relay, ATM and IP services, as well as a high-availability upgrade capability and several internal components related to device provisioning. Ryan has appeared at numerous industry events, including Big Data TechCon 2013. He is an alumnus of Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
Serge BlazhievskySerge Blazhievsky(Click here for classes)
Serge is Principal Software Engineer at Nice Systems, and is an experienced developer and architect with a rich background in C++/Java and distributed systems. Nice Systems uses Hadoop infrastructure for various data-processing needs. His previous company used Hadoop infrastructure for all reporting needs. Before that, Serge designed Hadoop infrastructure used for Internet crawling and Web-page analysis. Serge holds a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University. Serge is a regular contributor to various Hadoop conferences, including the Hadoop User Group at Yahoo, the creator of Hadoop.
Dipti BorkarDipti Borkar(Click here for classes)
Dipti is Director of Product Management at Couchbase where she is responsible for the company’s flagship product, Couchbase Server, and works with customers and users to understand emerging requirements for low-latency, scalable data stores. Dipti has deep technical experience in the database industry having worked at IBM as a software engineer and Development Manager for the DB2 server team, and then at MarkLogic as a Senior Product Manager.
Twitter : @dborkar
Oscar BoykinOscar Boykin(Click here for classes)
Oscar, Ph.D., is a Staff Software Engineer at Twitter. He is co-author of Scalding, Twitter's library for large-scale Hadoop programming. At Twitter, he is building systems for real-time Big Data with applications to ad targeting. Before joining Twitter, he was an Assistant Professor at the University of Florida in Electrical and Computer Engineering where his research was focused on large-scale distributed systems.
Twitter : @posco
Jeffrey BreenJeffrey Breen(Click here for classes)
Jeffrey is the Principal of the Think Big Academy at Think Big Analytics. Jeffrey has been very active in local user groups, has taught and mentored throughout his career, and has presented talks recently on R and Hadoop to the Data Warehouse Institute, the Chicago Area Hadoop and R User groups, and the Boston Predictive Analytics Meetup. Jeffrey has also developed and delivered the RHadoop training course, as well as all materials for Revolution Analytics.
Twitter : @JeffreyBreen
Jaroslav CechoJaroslav Cecho(Click here for classes)
Jaroslav works as a Software Engineer at Cloudera, and is a committer and PMC member in three top-level Apache projects: Sqoop, Flume and MRUnit.
Ben CoverstonBen Coverston(Click here for classes)
Ben currently helps coordinate the training and support activities at DataStax. He has more than 15 years of development experience and has written code running on some of the largest travel websites in the world. He became interested in Big Data through his experiences in troubleshooting data-related problems in which the velocity and volume of data exceeded the capabilities of a single machine.
Twitter : @bcoverston
Jean-Daniel CryansJean-Daniel Cryans(Click here for classes)
Jean-Daniel works as a Software Engineer at Cloudera on the Storage team, where works on making Apache HBase better. Previous to that, he worked at StumbleUpon where he also worked on HBase while maintaining its production deployment. Jean-Daniel enjoys teaching HBase to newcomers and old-timers alike in the open-source community, or by giving presentations at Big Data and Apache Hadoop-related conferences and meetups. He became a committer and PMC member on HBase in 2008 when he was still an undergrad student at ETS Montreal.
Twitter : @jdcryans
John A. De GoesJohn A. De Goes(Click here for classes)
John is CEO and CTO of Precog, and is responsible for leading the design and development of the company's data-warehousing and analysis platform. He has been working professionally in distributed systems design and development for more than a decade.

Author of multiple best-selling technical books, and a major contributor to open source, John has an extensive background in scientific and distributed computing, and in large-scale analytics. John is a frequent and well-received speaker at industry events. Recent engagements include DataWeek Conference, Glue Conference, Frontier Developers, and NEScala.
Twitter : @jdegoes
Max De MarziMax De Marzi(Click here for classes)
Max is a Software Field Engineer at Neo Technology, where he built the Neography Ruby Gem, a REST API wrapper to the Neo4j Graph Database. He is addicted to learning new things, taking on a challenge and finding (and sharing) pragmatic solutions.
Twitter : @maxdemarzi
Jim DueyJim Duey(Click here for classes)
Jim is a Programmer at Lonocloud, and has been a professional programmer for more than 20 years with the last three being in Clojure. He’s done work with embedded systems in multiple industries and languages like Forth, Delphi and C++. Jim’s blog on Clojure programming is at http://clojure.net.
Twitter : @jimduey
Daniel EklundDaniel Eklund(Click here for classes)
Daniel is Principal Consultant for Think Big Analytics, and a software architect and technologist with over 15 years of experience in enterprise software development. Daniel works with leading Fortune 500 customers to implement Big Data/NoSQL storage and compute systems using Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Cascading, Cassandra and HBase.
Twitter : @ReverendTopo
David GleichDavid Gleich(Click here for classes)
David is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Purdue University, and is interested in how we can utilize matrix algebra to express -- and improve -- algorithms in network analysis and data-based simulation analysis. David’s research straddles a few different areas and often involves working with large datasets on high performance computing architectures like MPI clusters, and data computing architectures, such as MapReduce.
Twitter : @dgleich
Mark GroverMark Grover(Click here for classes)
Mark is a Software Engineer at Cloudera and a contributor to the Apache Hive open-source project. He is also a section author of O'Reilly's book on Apache Hive called “Programming Hive.” Mark is an active respondent on the Hive mailing list and IRC channel.
Twitter : @mark_grover
Jeff HealeyJeff Healey(Click here for classes)
Jeff is Director of Product Marketing at HP Vertica. With more than 15 years of high-tech marketing experience and deep knowledge in messaging, positioning, and content development, Jeff leads HP Vertica’s product marketing efforts and works closely with customers to promote their success. Prior to HP Vertica, Jeff held product marketing, customer success, and lead editorial roles at Axeda Corporation, MathWorks, Macromedia (now Adobe), Sybase (now SAP), and The Boston Globe.
David HwangDavid Hwang(Click here for classes)
David is the Founder and Chief Scientist of Restaurant Sciences. In his current role, he and his research team analyze data from thousands of restaurants across North America and deliver insights back to industry suppliers on America's eating and drinking patterns. Mongo, R, Mahout, Python, D3 and ZFS all comprise the technology base of his current project. He is a true testament for what can be accomplished with sub-normal intelligence, open source software and a penchant for hard work.
Dave JespersenDave Jespersen(Click here for classes)
Dave brings his deep engineering experience to his role of chief customer advocate at MapR Technologies. He enriches the customer experience by working with MapR’s customer base to develop and implement innovative solutions to the complex problems faced by every enterprise.

He was previously VP of Engineering at MapR, where he led the development of MapR’s industry-leading products. Dave has 30 years of successful enterprise software development experience in both small and large companies, including EMC, Sun Microsystems, Sterling Software, Spectra Logic, Exabyte and DEC. Dave was educated at Brigham Young University, where he earned a BS M.E. and a minor in Computer Science.
Twitter : @davejespy
Amandeep KhuranaAmandeep Khurana(Click here for classes)
Amandeep is a Solutions Architect at Cloudera, where he is involved in building out solutions using components in the Hadoop ecosystem. He is also a co-author of the “HBase in Action” book. Prior to joining Cloudera, Amandeep was at Amazon Web Services and was a part of the Elastic MapReduce team.
Twitter : @amansk
Adam LaiacanoAdam Laiacano(Click here for classes)
Adam is a Data Scientist and Engineer at Tumblr, a blogging network with over 90 million blogs, where he's responsible for collecting and analyzing large volumes of data to gain a better understanding of trends and activity within the Tumblr community. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University, and designed signal detection systems for low-power atomic clocks before joining Tumblr.
Twitter : @adamlaiacano
Lynn LangitLynn Langit(Click here for classes)
Lynn is an independent consultant who specializes in in database technologies (SQL and NoSQL, both on premise and cloud-based). Lynn has published three books on SQL Server Business Intelligence and has created a set of courseware to introduce children to programming at www.TeachingKidsProgramming.org.

Lynn has been recognized by Google and 10Gen for technical community contributions. Google awarded her the Google Developer Expert award, and 10Gen added her to the list of MongoDB Masters. Since leaving a four-year stint at Microsoft in October 2011, Lynn has been working on building Big Data and BI solutions with customers from the education, manufacturing and hospitality sectors. She has authored courseware on SQL Server 2012 for DevelopMentor. Read her blog at www.LynnLangit.com.
Twitter : @lynnlangit
Boris LublinskyBoris Lublinsky(Click here for classes)
Boris is a principal architect with Nokia, where he is actively participating in Big Data, SOA, BPM and middleware implementations. Prior to this, Boris was a principal architect at Herzum Software, where he designed large-scale SOA systems for clients; and an enterprise architect at CNA Insurance, where he was involved in designing and implementing CNA’s integration strategy, building application frameworks and implementing service-oriented architectures.

Boris has more than 25 years' experience in enterprise and technical architecture, and software engineering. He has more than 80 technical publications in different magazines, including Distributed Computing, Nuclear Instruments and Methods, Java Developer’s Journal, XML Journal, Web Services Journal, and EAI Journal. Boris is also a co-author of "Applied SOA: Service-Oriented Architecture and Design Strategies" and an SOA news editor at Infoq.com.
Jock MackinlayJock Mackinlay(Click here for classes)
Jock is Tableau Software's Senior Director of Visual Analysis. At Stanford University, he pioneered the automatic design of graphical presentations of relational information. He joined Xerox PARC in 1986, where he collaborated with the User Interface Research Group to develop many novel applications of computer graphics for information access, coining the term "Information Visualization." Much of the fruits of this research can be seen in his book, "Readings in Information Visualization: Using Vision to Think." Jock has a Ph.D. in computer science from Stanford University.
Dan MallingerDan Mallinger(Click here for classes)
Dan is the Data Science Team Lead at Think Big Analytics. His experience in Big Data and Hadoop has run the gamut of customer data, hardware networking data, social data, gaming data, and more. Dan's work in these verticals includes research, analysis and parallelization of techniques. In prior lives, he has worked as a statistician in a variety of settings—including research in K-12 education—has experience architecting systems, and was briefly a high school math teacher.
Twitter : @DanMallinger
Simon MetsonSimon Metson(Click here for classes)
Simon is an Engineer at Cloudant, and also particle physicist. For the past 10 years, he worked on the distributed computing system for one of the Large Hadron Collider experiments, aggregating petabytes of relational and non-relational data sources. In 2012, Simon joined Cloudant, where he designs software and creates educational material to help developers interact directly with massive datasets.
Twitter : @drsm79
Michael MillerMichael Miller(Click here for classes)
Mike is Chief Scientist at Cloudant, where he develops and evangelizes the company’s technical vision and manages long-term product R&D. While at MIT as a Postdoctoral Fellow, he cofounded Cloudant after cutting his teeth on petabyte-per-second problems at the Large Hadron Collider. Mike holds a B.S. in Physics and a B.A in Philosophy from Michigan State University, a Ph.D. in Physics from Yale University, and is an Affiliate Professor of Particle Physics at the University of Washington. He has more than a decade's worth of experience as a builder of the most extreme Big Data systems on earth, as well as extensive experience lecturing on mathematics, physics, data science, and philosophy at the graduate and undergraduate level.
Twitter : @mlmilleratmit
Deep MistryDeep Mistry(Click here for classes)
Deep is a consultant at Open Software Integrators, a US firm specializing in NoSQL/Big Data development with offices in Chicago and Durham, N.C. Deep has been programming for more than eight years and has worked on multiple software engineering projects, from developing Big Data training materials to implementing large data systems requiring Internet speed response times. He has been heavily involved with MongoDB, Neo4j, Couchbase and Hadoop since their births onto the Big Data scene. You can find his white papers and Big Data blogs on the Open Software Integrators website. Deep received his Masters in Computer Science from North Carolina State University.
Claudia PerlichClaudia Perlich(Click here for classes)
Claudia is Chief Scientist at Media6Degrees, a startup that specializes at targeted online display advertising. Claudia received her Ph.D. in Information Systems from Stern School of Business at New York University in 2005, and holds additional graduate degrees in Computer Science. Claudia joined the Data Analytics Research group at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in 2004, and continued her research on data analytics and machine learning for complex real-world domains and applications.

She is the author or 50+ scientific publications; holds multiple patents in the area of machine learning; has won various data-mining competitions and best paper awards; and speaks regularly at conferences and other public events. In addition, she is teaching courses on Data Mining and Business Analytics at Stern, and gives guest lectures at Wharton, Columbia and MIT.
Krishnan RamanKrishnan Raman(Click here for classes)
Krishnan is a data scientist at Twitter. He was formerly a risk quant at Bank of America, an associate at Goldman Sachs, and an engineer at Sun Microsystems. His experience in building the real-time proprietary trading system WebET at Goldman Sachs, and concurrent Scala systems to compute the conditional value at risk of large credit portfolios at BAC, have put him in good stead at the Revenue Quality team at Twitter. His primary tools are Scala, Scalding and a dash of statistics and math. He has graduate degrees in math, computer science and mathematical finance from the University of Chicago.
Twitter : @dxbydt_jasq
Jairam RanganathanJairam Ranganathan(Click here for classes)
Jairam is the Director of Product Strategy at Cloudera, where he is responsible for planning the roadmap of Cloudera products. Before Cloudera, he spent a decade at VMware, where among other things he was one of the developers on vMotion, storage vMotion, and the distributed management framework for vSphere.
Jason RutherglenJason Rutherglen(Click here for classes)
Jason works at Datastax as a senior Big Data engineer architecting, developing and supporting the Datastax Enterprise product line that includes Solr integrated with Cassandra. His career has involved an array of technologies, including search, Hadoop, Hive, mobile phone software, cryptography, and natural language processing. 

Jason has been developing solutions with Lucene and Solr for more than seven years and is a co-author of "Programming Hive" and "Lucene and Solr: The Definitive Guide." He frequently gives tutorials and speaks at conferences such as Strata, Cassandra Summit, ApacheCon and others.
Stefano SantoroStefano Santoro(Click here for classes)
Stefano is a staff software engineer for high-velocity database vendor VoltDB. He is an industry veteran who started his career working with VAX Clusters, and he went on to work with large telco back ends prior to joining VoltDB.
Michael SegelMichael Segel(Click here for classes)
Michael is the President and CEO of Segel & Associates and works with clients to assist with their strategy and implementation of Hadoop. Michael has been working primarily in the Big Data Space since 2009 and founded the Chicago Hadoop User Group (CHUG). Having been described as someone who has a face for Radio, Michael tries to stay behind the scenes but sometimes gets prodded into speaking at meetups and has done Hadoop/HBase training for customers.

Michael received his bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the College of Engineering at Ohio State University.
Jonathan SeidmanJonathan Seidman(Click here for classes)
Jonathan is a Solutions Architect on the Partner Engineering team at Cloudera. Before joining Cloudera, he was a Lead Engineer on the Big Data team at Orbitz Worldwide, helping to build out the Hadoop clusters supporting the data storage and analysis needs of one of the most heavily trafficked sites on the Internet. Jonathan is also a cofounder and organizer of the Chicago Hadoop User Group and the Chicago Big Data Meetup, and a frequent speaker on Hadoop and Big Data at industry conferences such as Hadoop World, Strata and OSCON.
Twitter : @jseidman
Dr. Michael StonebrakerDr. Michael Stonebraker(Click here for classes)
Mike has been a pioneer of data base research and technology for more than a quarter of a century. He is widely recognized as one of the world's foremost experts in database technology and is noted for his insight in operating systems and expert systems.

Over his career, Mike has been both a professor and leading architect for prototype development. He was the main architect of the INGRES relational DBMS, the object-relational DBMS, POSTGRES, and the federated data system, Mariposa. All three prototypes were developed at the University of California at Berkeley where he was a Professor of Computer Science for 25. He is the founder of three successful Silicon Valley startups, whose objective was to commercialize these prototypes. Additionally, Mike has authored scores of research papers on database technology, operating systems and the architecture of system software services.

Mike is presently an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at M.I.T., where he is working on a variety of future-generation data-oriented projects. He is co-director of the new Intel Science and Technology Center at MIT CSAIL focusing on Big Data Analytics.

Mike is also a co-founder of eight software startups, including Streambase, Vertica Systems, VoltDB, Goby, and Paradigm4. He was awarded the prestigious ACM System Software Award in 1992 for his work on INGRES, the first annual Innovation award by the ACM SIGMOD special interest group in 1994, and the IEEE John Von Neumann award in 2005. Mike was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 1997 and to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2010.
Ashish ThusooAshish Thusoo(Click here for classes)
Asish, CEO and co-founder of Qubole, a pioneering Big Data startup, is also the co-creator of Apache Hive and served as the project's founding Vice President at the Apache Software Foundation. He started his career as an engineer at Oracle, where he contributed heavily to many core components of Oracle RDBMS. Ashish also ran the Data Infrastructure team at Facebook, leading the team in the creation of one of the largest data-processing and analytics platforms in the world, a platform that achieved the bold aim of making data accessible to analysts, engineers and data scientists alike within the company. Ashish has a Bachelor's degree in CS from IIT-Delhi, and a Master's degree in CS from University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Twitter : @AshishThusoo
Kathleen TingKathleen Ting(Click here for classes)
Kathleen is currently a Technical Account Manager at Cloudera where she helps strategic customers deploy and use the Hadoop ecosystem in production. She has spoken on Hadoop, ZooKeeper, and Sqoop at many Big Data conferences, including Hadoop World, ApacheCon, and OSCON. She’s contributed to several projects in the open source community and is a Committer and PMC Member on Sqoop. She is a co-author on the "Apache Sqoop Cookbook."
Twitter : @kate_ting
Lisa VaasLisa Vaas(Click here for classes)
Lisa has been writing about technology, careers, science and health since 1995. She rose to the lofty heights of Executive Editor for eWEEK, popped out with the 2008 crash, joined the freelancer economy, and now writes for venues such as Sophos' Naked Security blog, CIO Mag, Computerworld, PC Mag, IT Expert Voice, Software Quality Connection, Time, PBS' Next Avenue site, Forbes, and the US and British editions of HP's Input Output.
Ravi VeeramachaneniRavi Veeramachaneni(Click here for classes)
Ravi is an enterprise architect and technology leader with more than 20 years of software design, development and architecture experience, specializing in e-business, Service Oriented Architecture, business-to-business integration, large-scale systems, Cloud computing and Big Data. His experience spans a broad range of industries, including banking, insurance, supply chain, b2b e-commerce, geospatial, and retail. He has played various technology leadership roles at Discover Financial, Key Corp., Navteq, NOKIA, Informatica, RSA, to name few. In his current role at Wipro Technologies, an IT Services and Solutions provider, he helps clients in architecting and implementing Big Data solutions. He has spoken at various industry events for the last couple of years, including the Chicago Data Summit, Hadoop World, CAMP IT conference, Enterprise Data World, Informatica World, Informatica User Groups and BigData TechCon.
Twitter : @raviveer
Dr. Flavio VillanustreDr. Flavio Villanustre(Click here for classes)
Dr. Flavio is the Vice President of Infrastructure and Products for HPCC Systems, the open-source Big Data processing platform for LexisNexis. In this position, he is responsible for information and physical security, overall infrastructure strategy, and new product development. Prior to 2001, Dr. Villanustre served in different companies in a variety of roles in infrastructure, information security and information technology.

In addition, Dr. Villanustre has been involved with the open-source community for more than 15 years through multiple initiatives. Some of these include founding the first Linux User Group in Buenos Aires (BALUG) in 1994, releasing several pieces of software under different open-source licenses, and evangelizing open source to different audiences through conferences, training and education. Prior to his technology career, Dr. Villanustre was a neurosurgeon.
Dean WamplerDean Wampler(Click here for classes)
Dean is a consultant for Typesafe. He specializes in scalable, distributed, data-centric application development, “Big Data” or otherwise, applying Functional Programming principles with the Typesafe stack, Hadoop, and other tools. Dean is a contributor to several open-source projects and the founder of the Chicago-Area Scala Enthusiasts. He is the co-author of "Programming Scala," the author of "Functional Programming for Java" Developers, and the co-author of "Programming Hive."
Twitter : @deanwampler
Alan ZeichickAlan Zeichick(Click here for classes)
Alan, conference chair of Big Data TechCon, is a former systems analyst whose early career was split between software architecture, programming and teaching computer science. In the early 1980s, Alan moved into the field of technology media and consulting, where he become a writer and technology analyst specializing in software development, mobile computing, networking and computer security.

Alan served as editor of Network Magazine, AI Expert, Software Development International, Windows CE Tech Journal and The Mathematica Journal, and many other publications, and wrote a regular column for The Red Herring and ACM netWorker. In 1999, Alan co-founded BZ Media, producer of Big Data TechCon, where he serves as Editorial Director of SD Times, the leading magazine for enterprise software development managers. When he is not working on the conference, Alan enjoys his extensive collection of antique slide rules and old Hewlett-Packard calculators.
Twitter : @zeichick

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