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Getting Approval

Need Approval? Try These 9 Time-Tested Tactics

1. PREPARE. Download the course catalog and circle the classes you want to take, and explain why the topics relate to your Big Data technical efforts. Show that you have found many sessions that fit your specific needs – and your company’s strategic goals.
2. SHARE. Promise to come back from Big Data TechCon and hold a brown-bag lunch session to share what you’ve learned with your colleagues – or even conduct formal training within your department. In fact, maybe you’ll want to schedule a series of brown-bag lunches.
3. LAUNCH. Classes at Big Data TechCon help you get a jump-start on every aspect of Big Data that you have been talking about implementing – but haven’t – for months. Whether it’s Hadoop, graph databases, NoSQL or another new technology, explain that you’ll find the answers here.
4. PLAN. Tell management that after you attend Big Data TechCon, you’ll make definite action plans and recommendations to implement new Big Data plans, and to improve how your company uses all of the data it captures.
5. RELATE. Show how problems or issues you’ve recently encountered fit with the classes at Big Data TechCon, and discuss the types of technology discussions you’ll have with the conference facuty and other Big Data professionals.
6. SAVE. The tuition and travel expense of attending Big Data TechCon is less than many other conferences. The earlier you sign up, the more you save, so explain the benefit of signing up early, and for booking your hotel room before the cutoff date.
7. TEAM. Save even more with group discounts. Send three or more employees from your company, and save $100 off per person. Each person can take different classes and bring back even more valuable tips and techniques. (Sending 5 or more? Contact us for arrangements.)
8. GROUP. User groups, government employees, non-profits and professionals employed by or attending educational institutions can also receive special savings. Check the website or ask Stacy Burris,, about custom options for your group.
9. DECIDE. While you can sign up anytime, your company will save the most if you beat the deadlines. Explain that you will help your company’s bottom line by signing up for Big Data TechCon today!
Need more help getting approval? Download this customizable letter template to give to your supervisor!
Download the Customizable Template to Get Approval for Big Data TechCon
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