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Big Data TechCon
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Tuesday, October 28, 11:45 am – 12:30 pm

Building Data Products: The Right Order of Things

Big data often comes with a big problem: We have big dreams of building the best data product with our big data AND a team that isn't big enough. Should we spend our precious data science resources on fixing that tracking issue, or building standardized datasets? Should we start with recommendation products or build out the proper ETL infrastructure? In this keynote, Gloria will discuss the right order of doing data science with limited resources and how to optimize for the biggest business impact.

KEYNOTE-LAUGloria Lau, VP of Data at Timeful, works on the app's intelligent data-driven algorithm for helping users manage their appointments and activities. Prior to joining Timeful, Gloria was the manager of Data Science at LinkedIn, leading the core data products team. Her team focused on understanding and engaging members to construct the best professional identity on the Web, including education and occupation, and built interesting data products on top of said data.

Previously, she was a research scientist at FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters business, where she led the effort on search. She has a MS and PhD from Stanford, and BS from UCLA.