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APRIL 16, 2014

Get out and Learn Something: The Value of Technical Conferences

It’s good to get out of the office and clear your head once in a while. That may mean a walk in the park at lunch, or it may mean going to a seminar or technical conference. With the latter, the benefits can far outweigh the immediate gratification you feel upon leaving the cubicle or home office behind. READ MORE


APRIL 16, 2014

Quick Wrap-up of Big Data TechCon

I’ve been fortunate in my role as an ESG Lab Analyst in that I’ve been able to be hands-on with a mix of companies that range from new, emerging startups to mature, proven companies. Specifically in the “Big Data” space, the exposure to the new products and technology has been just enough that I really want to wrap my head around everything there is to know. My ultimate goal at a high-level is to provide clarity where it’s needed - clarity in a cloudy (pun intended), confusing big data ecosystem. What do I need to fix my problem? Who does what? How do they do it? And the big question for me right now: Who really does what they say they do? READ MORE


APRIL 14, 2014

The True Chasm Yet to be Crossed for Big Data

Every vendor, customer, and channel player has a common problem with the big data market today. They don’t know how to build a complete solution. There are literally hundreds of companies with products and services being positioned as “big data platforms.” I know this is true, I have a list of each. READ MORE


APRIL 11, 2014

Step aside Facebook, graph database use cases go beyond social media

While Facebook may be the poster child for successful use of graph databases right now, social media companies aren't the only ones harnessing big data with the technology. At Big Data TechCon 2014 in Cambridge, Mass., Neo Technology Software Field Engineer Max De Marzi discussed a plethora of organizations benefiting from graph databases. READ MORE


APRIL 9, 2014

Hadoop expands data infrastructure, boosts business intelligence

The big data that companies successfully transform into usable business intelligence (BI) is just the tip of a massive data-iceberg, according to Jonathan Seidman, solutions architect at Cloudera. At Big Data Techcon 2014, Seidman hosted a session called “Extending your data infrastructure with Hadoop,” in which he explained how Hadoop could help the enterprise tap into that potential business intelligence below the water. “That data that’s getting thrown away can have a lot of value but it can be very difficult to fit that data into your data warehouse,” Seidman explained. READ MORE


APRIL 4, 2014

Software engineer builds Facebook graph search with Neo4j database

It took Max De Marzi, Neo Technology software field engineer, one weekend to build his own Facebook graph search with Neo4j. At Big Data Techcon 2014, he explained to developers how they could do the same and more importantly, why they should. With De Marzi’s tools and strategies — namely, Neo4j and Cypher — developers can build a graph search without, as De Marzi put it, querying hundreds of servers and putting in six months of work. READ MORE


March 26, 2014

Big Data TechCon Q&A on NoSQL and the Future of Big Data

Hadoop, and its open-source architecture, continues to grow as a force in the world of Big Data. Big Data TechCon speakers Jonathan Seidman and Mark Grover of Cloudera have years of practical knowledge and real-world experience on open-source projects using Hadoop and they are currently co-authoring a book on Big Data solutions utilizing the popular Apache framework. That’s why Big Data TechCon thought it was a perfect time to interview Jonathan and Mark on the NoSQL landscape and the future of Big Data. READ MORE


March 25, 2014

NoSQL Database Solutions: Which Elixir is Right for You?

The number of NoSQL database options grows daily. In a world with so much diversity, how does one choose the right database for their business? We at Big Data TechCon wanted to make the choice a little easier, so we made an infographic for a side-by-side comparison of some of the most popular solutions out there. For additional background and choices, be sure to read SD Times article "A Guide to NoSQL Offerings."


March 25, 2014

Number of NoSQL options grow

NoSQL databases continue to proliferate as the demand for Big Data solutions grows. While relational databases aren’t going away anytime soon, different data models require different types of solutions. As a result, several types of NoSQL databases have emerged, each with its own pros and cons. READ MORE


March 24, 2014

Top 5 Reasons Your Big Data Should Play Well with Others

Ariel Weisberg, lead architect at VoltDB and Big Data TechCon speaker, knows the importance of managing your data properly. He lent us five tips to take hold of your Big Data and make it play nice. READ MORE


March 24, 2014

The Dos and Don’ts of Getting Started with Big Data

Getting started in the world of Big Data can be intimidating. To help you avoid some of the pitfalls, we had Big Data TechCon speakers Mark Grover and Jonathan Seidman of Cloudera offer their expertise. READ MORE


March 21, 2014

Big Data TechCon Q&A with Alexis Roos

Alexis Roos is a senior solutions architect, focusing on Big Data solutions at Concurrent. He has over 18 years of experience in software and sales engineering, and will be teaching two courses on Cascading at Big Data TechCon. We had a chance to chat with him before the conference for some insight into the power and scalability of Cascading.  READ MORE


March 17, 2014

Big Data: Taking the guesswork out of March Madness

It’s that time of year again. This year’s the year, you tell yourself. You feel good about your bracket. You’ve done your research, picked the right upsets, and you’re confident in your Final Four picks. READ MORE


March 14, 2014

SD Times Blog: EclipseCon kicks off Monday

On Monday, EclipseCon returns to the San Francisco Bay Area after a long hiatus in Virginia. The conference tutorials begin Monday, but we caught up with Eclipse Foundation executive director Mike Milinkovich to discuss his plans for the show, and to get a preview of his keynote address.  READ MORE


March 14, 2014

Spark promotion highlights in-memory excitement

The Apache Foundation has promoted the Spark project from the Apache incubator to the status of top-level project, less than a month after the release of Spark 0.9.0, which the developers said was the largest release of the project yet..  READ MORE


March 10, 2014

Graduate-level course offered for data center system engineering

Southern Methodist University (SMU) will begin offering a master’s degree in data center systems engineering this fall. According to the university, it is the first in the United States to offer the technical depth of a graduate degree in this field.  READ MORE


February 28, 2014 

Spark advances from Apache Incubator to top-level project

Apache Spark is gaining prominence. The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) announced the open-source cluster-computing framework for Big Data analysis has graduated from the Apache Incubator to a top-level project.  READ MORE


February 25, 2014 

IBM to acquire Cloudant

IBM has reached an agreement to acquire Cloudant, a Database-as-a-Service company that stores, analyzes and distributes Web and mobile app data.  READ MORE


February 10, 2014 

Java and its role in modernizing data trapped within legacy applications

While Big Data, the cloud and mobile access grab the lion’s share of IT market attention from pundits and trade reporters, many Fortune 500 corporations and federal and state agencies still depend on legacy business applications written in COBOL, Fortran or other languages that date back more than 50 years.  READ MORE


February 20, 2014 

Big Data TechCon Update

If you are professional journalist, blogger or analyst, we cordially invite you to cover Big Data TechCon Boston, March 31 – April 2. You will be given a free, full-evet passport for access to all sessions, keynotes, special events and lunches in exchange for sharing your coverage of the event. In turn, we will cross-promote your piece across all of our social media platforms, the news section on our sites and emails when applicable. Please see our full press pass policy. We look forward to hearing from you!


February 14, 2014 

Zeichick’s Take: Five phrases you need to know about Big Data

Is Big Data good? Or is it evil?

On one hand, by providing new insights into their customers, and by allowing amalgamation of information from disparate sources, Big Data is enabling tremendous efficiencies at many companies. That’s great! Let’s keep investing. READ MORE


February 12, 2014 

SD Times Blog: Tresata shows evolution of Hadoop at Strata

The big news out of the Strata conference on Big Data is Tresata, a new company that as far as I can tell is the only one building commercial products on top of the new Apache Spark project. And that is precisely why they're the belle of this year's Big Data ball.  READ MORE


February 5, 2014 

DARPA launches public website for its open-source software projects

DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, has made all its open-source software projects available in one location with the DARPA Open Catalog. READ MORE


February 5, 2014

Code Intelligence: The Big Data we should be paying attention to

Today’s networks, websites, communications, apps and complex IT infrastructures are churning out massive amounts of data, so much so that there were 2.7 billion terabytes of digital content in 2012, according to IDC. That number is predicted to skyrocket to more than 8 billion terabytes by 2015. READ MORE


January 31, 2014

Event Preview – Big Data TechCon 2014

Read why TechnologyAdvice is excited about Big Data TechCon Boston! READ MORE


January 30, 2014

Hadoop is now a general-purpose platform

Apache Hadoop adoption is accelerating among enterprises and advanced computing environments as the project, related projects, and ecosystem continue to expand. While there were valid reasons to avoid the 1.x versions, skeptics are reconsidering since Hadoop 2 (particularly the latest 2.2.0 version) provides a viable choice for a wider range of users and uses. READ MORE


January 28, 2014

Big Data TechCon Update

Do you need help getting approval for Big Data TechCon? Then check out our nine time-tested tactics that will help get the ball rolling. We also made it super convenient for you with a downloadable customized letter template and additional snippets and ideas for getting approval. You can even sweeten the deal more with supporting testimonials, photos, and videos, including a keynote by Hadoop Founder Doug Cutting. We also have plenty of opportunities for you to save more with codes and group discounts!


January 27, 2014

SD Times Blog: Five ways to advance your development career

A shell and a book: the two tools any developer needs to enhance his or her self-worth. Open a fresh shell, crack the spine on that brand new O'Reilly or No Starch book, pop up vi or Emacs, and go to town. Obviously, the equation has also changed to include the millions of websites that can teach you how to re-develop your development skills:,, or even Zed Shaw's “Learn Code the Hard Way. READ MORE


January 24, 2014

White House to tackle Big Data

Since former U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden brought the agency's secret spying programs to light, there has been much controversy and concern surrounding privacy.

"We have to make some important decisions about how to protect ourselves and sustain our leadership in the world while upholding the civil liberties and privacy protections our ideals and our Constitution require," said President Obama. READ MORE


January 10, 2014

SD Times Blog: MIT launches Big Data online training

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is bringing Big Data training around the world. Beginning in March, MIT will offer a four-week online course, “Tackling the Challenges of Big Data,” aimed at technical professionals and executives worldwide.

Big Data topics will include data collection, storage and processing, analytics, visualization, and a range of real-world applications. Experts from the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) will be teaching the course. READ MORE


January 7, 2014

Hadoop and NoSQL: Friends, not frenemies

The term Big Data is an all-encompassing phrase that has various subdivisions addressing different needs of the customers. The most common description of Big Data talks about the four V’s: Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity. READ MORE



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