Big Data TechCon | April 26-28, 2015 | Boston, MA
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Let Your Contacts Know You’re Speaking at Big Data TechCon!

Thank you for agreeing to speak at Big Data TechCon! We are excited to have you join us, and we want to make sure that being a speaker is a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

We know that speaking at a conference can be stressful. As a speaker, you need to be focused on making your sessions engaging and thought-provoking for the attendees, so, in order to attract more attendees to your session, we have put together a series of materials that you can use to help spread the word.

The information provided below is meant to assist you in promoting your presence as a speaker at Big Data TechCon to your network of friends and colleagues. If you have any other questions specifically regarding speaking at Big Data TechCon, you may contact Katie Serignese at

Here are several ways you can quickly and easily reach your Big Data TechCon audience:


Your e-mail list is sure to contain a number of people who are itching to hear you speak. If they hear about Big Data TechCon, they’re sure to want to attend. If you’re interested in sending a personalized e-mail containing a special Big Data TechCon discount code to your contact list, let us know and we will create a customized HTML file that you can send to your communities.

Interested? E-mail Katie Serignese at to request your custom e-mail HTML file.


The Twitter-verse is a massive place, and Big Data TechCon attendees are some of its most active tweeters! Many of your followers may just want to come hear you speak at the conference. Use these sample tweets to get their attention so they’ll know about your presence at Big Data TechCon!

Double your reach! Use our Twitter handle @BigDataTechCon and official hashtag #BigDataTechCon in your tweets, and we will re-tweet it to our followers.

Tweet About The Event: SAMPLES

• I’m speaking at @BigDataTechCon! Join me! Register using my code [CODE] to receive a discount.

• I will be at @BigDataTechCon! Join me at my session. Register with my code [CODE] to receive a discount.

• Join me at @BigDataTechCon! I’ll give you a discount on full conference passes using code [CODE].

• Thinking about attending @BigDataTechCon? Use my speaker discount code [CODE] to save.

Remember that you can always think outside the box for different types of tweets that may better suit your target audience.

Just make sure to include:

• Our conference twitter handle @BigDataTechCon

• Registration Link:

• Speaker discount code to give your followers a discount on conference passes


Facebook is the largest social network around, and it’s full of Big Data TechCon attendees for you to reach! Use the sample Facebook posts below to alert your Facebook community that you will be speaking at Big Data TechCon.

Double your reach! Tag our Facebook page, Big Data TechCon, in your post, and we will re-share it on our page as well.

Tell your friends on Facebook about the event: SAMPLES

• Big Data TechCon is coming to Chicago, November 2-4, and I will be speaking! Please join me at Big Data TechCon by registering with a special code for a discount on full conference passes: [CODE]

• Join me at Big Data TechCon in Chicago from November 2-4. I will be speaking at the conference, and I want you to join me! Use my discount code CODE to receive a discount on full conference passes when you register:

Remember that you can always think outside the box for different types of Facebook Posts that may better suit your target audience.

Just make sure to:

• Tag the Big Data TechCon Facebook page in your post

• Include the Big Data TechCon Link: include link to Big Data website

• Include your speaker discount code to offer your followers a discount on full conference passes.


Do you have a blog? If so, send us any entries relevant to Big Data TechCon topics that are tied to your event presence and we’ll promote them for you via the Big Data TechCon social media channels. Posts should be informational and insightful rather than strictly promotional.

Send all blog postings to Katie Serignese at for approval. You will be notified when they’ve been approved.

Double your reach! Once we promote your post on Big Data TechCon social media channels, don’t forget to re-tweet or share with your communities! And remember, you can always think outside of the box for other communication avenues that may better suit your audience.


If you have any questions about your speaking opportunities, contact Katie Serignese at