Big Data TechCon | April 26-28, 2015 | Boston, MA
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Aerospike is the world’s first flash-optimized database and the fastest, most reliable in-memory NoSQL database that operates with unprecedented speed at scale on just a handful of servers. Aerospike enables a new class of applications that combine transactions and “hot” analytics and process 20k-2M+ transactions per second (TPS), billions of objects and 100GB - 100TB+ of data with predictable sub-millisecond latency and ACID reliability. Aerospike requires minimal operator intervention and has been in production, non-stop for over 3 years as the user context store for real-time bidding and cross channel marketing at customers like AppNexus, BlueKai, Chango and [x+1].

Twitter: @aeroskipedb



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Actuate provides personalized analytics and insights software to BIRT developers and OEMs who build scalable, secure solutions. BIRT customers realize time savings with the ability to build applications faster and by efficiently building applications based on ready-to-use architecture utilizing BIRTs built-in features to their 200M+ customers, partners and employees.  Developers using BIRT realize reduced costs with Actuate’s BIRT – the open source IDE – that provides business users with an unlimited amount of data and analytic performance, better segmentations for campaigns as well as identification of cross-sell opportunities and more. Visit and for more information.

Twitter: @Actuate



Think Big, a Teradata Company                            

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Think Big provides expert strategy and implementation services for high value Big Data solutions. The company specializes in modernizing clients' architectures and building predictive models that support top and bottom line growth. 


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Infinitum is a high performance distributed computing database offered by BlobCity. The distribution capability with a massively parallel processing architecture, makes it ideal for use with Big Data applications. Infinitum is not only useable for OLAP but also for OLTP deployments and is one of the only databases offering simultaneously both Row and Columnar storage in tables. Infinitum is a structured system capable of also handing semi-structured and un-structured data along with SQL compliance with standard JDBC and ODBC connectivity. Infinitum supports both Java & Scala based stored procedures along with offering ACID compliance and transactional capabilities in a very highly scalable manner. Infinitum is most suited for Big Data deployments but is also widely adopted as a high-performance alternative to non-performing relational databases. 

Twitter: @blobcity



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DataTorrent RTS allows organizations to harness the full potential of real-time big data by enabling faster data ingestion, data processing, and more timely data insights in a high performance, scalable, highly available manner. Creating Real-Time Streaming Analytic applications with DataTorrent RTS is quick and easy using the more than 400 Apache 2.0 open source DataTorrent operators for data input and output across a large number of data sources (databases, social media, message buses, etc), data computation (pattern matching, statistics, joins, aggregations, etc), and graphical charting.  DataTorrent RTS is certified on all leading Apache Hadoop distributions.

Twitter: @datatorrent


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GridGain, the leading provider of the open source In-Memory Data Fabric, offers the most comprehensive in-memory computing solution to equip the real-time enterprise with a new level of computing power. Enabling high-performance transactions, real-time streaming and ultra-fast analytics in a single, highly scalable data access and processing layer spanning SQL, NoSQL and Hadoop data stores, GridGain enables Fortune 500 to startup customers to predict and innovate ahead of market changes.

Twitter: @gridgain 



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InfoObjects is an award-winning, pure play Big Data consulting company with exclusive focus on Apache Spark and Hadoop technologies. With the combination of onsite and offshore teams, we provide clients flexibility of deliver model. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies to startups. Contact us at to find out how power of Spark as compute engine and Hadoop as storage can help you derive new business insights. 



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SparkleDB solves the Big Data problem with their revolutionary enterprise database system. The database market is transforming from traditional relational databases to distributed and performance-critical databases capable of managing Big Data. Increase your competitive advantage and power your business by extracting economic value from large data sets.

Twitter: @sparkle_db


Splice Machine
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As the only Hadoop RDBMS, Splice Machine provides database architects and application developers with a platform for building real-time, scalable apps without the burdens or costs of a traditional RDBMS. Splice Machine is an alternative to traditional RDBMSs that are experiencing scaling or cost issues.

Twitter: @splicemachine

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Texifter streamlines the process of sorting large amounts of unstructured text, including social media, open ended survey responses, and large email collections. The flagship product DiscoverText was developed to meet the needs of academic and corporate researchers, as well as federal government rule writers. Texifter utilizes cloud-based solutions for topic modeling, duplicate detection, clustering, machine-learning, and other information retrieval tasks involving users in an active learning loop.

Twitter: @texifter

VoltageSecurity-lgVoltage Security
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Voltage Security®, Inc. is the leading data protection provider, delivering secure, scalable, and proven data-centric encryption, tokenization and key management solutions, enabling our customers to effectively combat new and emerging security threats. Our powerful data protection solutions allow any company to seamlessly secure all types of sensitive corporate and customer information, wherever it resides, while efficiently meeting regulatory compliance and privacy requirements.