Big Data TechCon | April 26-28, 2015 | Boston, MA

This was my first big data conference and I had a great time. I would love to come again in the future. It was very well organized, and the speakers are excellent and knowledgeable.

Pramit Mitra   
Big Data Analytics Solution Integration      
First Point Group   

Great opportunity to learn the new trends in big data.

Mehran Kafai   
Research Engineer     

A variety of hands-on tutorials, which is really helpful to ramp up on using the targeting tools.

Hao Liu  
Sr. Architect    
NVIDIA Corporation    

Really good conference, lots of information and good tutorials and classes.

Catherine Fu
Principal Engineer    

Great learning opportunity.

Arun Swami  
VP Data Science   
DTEP Systems   

Highly recommended.

James Young
Software Developer  
Idexx Laboratories  

Loads of information and excellent speakers!

Sanjoy Pinto  
Software Engineer, Data Engineer/Architect  
Primitive Logic

Good lectures, presenters and overall presentations from overview to advanced. There's something for everyone! Excellent location and facilities as well as organization at the hotel.

Alan Marshall   
IT Manager
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Wonderful experience. So many exciting courses and talks to pick from.

Anthony Iwuagwu  
Network Solutions Architect
YTL Communications

Great resource for knowledge.

Lana Kharlamova  
Data Scientist

I liked the qualifications of speakers; it makes the value of information available feel strong and is a great basis for further learning.

Larry Hamann  
Software Development Associate   
Idexx Laboratories    

Great conference with good networking opportunities.

Michael McFarland   
Senior App Analyst & Developer - Data Warehousing   
Great American Insurance     

Great for quickly coming up to speed in the big data landscape.

Ben Pollitt   
Database Engineer   
General Electric    

Great conference on Big Data, focusing on technology. Conference is geared towards technology-aware data analysts, big data programmers and big data architects. Very technical, good content.

Tony Stefano  
Senior Developer  
Evince Analytics   

It's a great conference if you're just getting into big data and you want some hands-on tutorials with knowledgeable instructors.

Steven Lutz
Software Engineer
Northrop Grumman  

There was a large quantity and variety of educational talks with very few sales lectures. It was just informative and inspiring. This was the best conference ever! Get a ticket for 2015!

Byron Dover
Big Data Engineer
Rubicon Project

Good mix of general and specific topics. This is a great place to get a broad view of all the components that make up this space.

Jim Hill   
Director of Data Management
1-800 Contacts

The hands-on classes and tutorials were great, easily the best thing about the conference. Organzation was great too and everyone on the staff was very helpful.

Craig McDonough  
Program Manager
Northrop Grumman

Solid conference for exploring all things data.

Anuj Patwardhan
Data Analyst
Capital One

Yes. Definitely attend.

Mike Liu
Principal Application Dev. Lead

Worthwhile, technical, and a breath of fresh air.

Julian Gottesman
DRA Imaging

Big Data TechCon offers great technology depth.

Rahul Gupte
Associate Director

Big Data TechCon is definitely worth the investment.

Chappidi Suresh
WorldVision Technologies

You will get great insights and the speakers will put you on the fast track.

Chandrashekhar Vyas
Solution Architect

Great conference. I took a lot away from all of the talks I attended.

David Hollis
Raybeam Inc.

Get some sleep beforehand, and divide and conquer the packed schedule with colleagues during.

Paul Reed
Technology Strategy & Innovation

Big Data TechCon is a great learning experience and very intensive.

Huaxia Rui
Assistant Professor
University of Rochester

Go! You will learn about technology that other people Google.

Per Gustavsson
Principal Research Scientist

The technical tutorials and interaction between the attendees and speakers was great. It's the perfect place for data scientists to explore and learn.

Muni Xu
Data Engineer

Big Data TechCon is well organized and has a lot more relevant technical information than other conferences.

Francis Mascarenhas
Programmer, Analyst
se2 Inc.

A lot of very interesting topics, speakers, and attendees. Definitely worth the trip.

Brian Crucitti
Open Software Integrators

GO! You'll get great "side" discussions with very technically-savvy speakers.

Geoff Liakos
Solutions Architect

Big Data TechCon has knowledgeable speakers to help you get a general understanding of the concepts and to help you decide which direction to take.

Ernie deVenvcia
CIO and VP of IT
Compu Systems

Big Data TechCon is all about Big Data and its technology. You can download a lot of knowledge and information at this conference.

Edgar Ho
Data Scientist

A good conference to learn about Big Data platform technologies.

Giordan Pogioli
Director, Big Data and Analytics
Global Touchpoints

The best parts were meeting others and speaking to the speakers, as well as the keynote by Hadoop Founder Doug Cutting.

Carolyn McDonough
Virtual-Paper/Watermelon Sky

This is a great conference to attend if your company has Big Data needs.

Jeremy Higgins
Sr. Technical Architect
Compu Systems

Big Data TechCon is for developers and will give you a big picture of Big Data technologies.

Daejong Kim
Research Fellow
Korea Institute for Human Settlements

Go for it!

Jonathan Freeman
Open Software Integrators

I learned a lot.

Russell Schwager
Director of Engineering

Big Data TechCon is loaded with great networking opportunities and has a good mix of classes with technical depth, as well as overviews. It's a good technically-focused conference for developers.

Kim Palko
Principal Product Manager
Red Hat

Big Data TechCon is great for beginners as well as advanced Big Data practitioners. It's a great conference!

Ryan Wood
Software Systems Analyst
Government of Canada

If you're in or about to get into Big Data, this is the conference to go to.

Jimmy Chung
Manager, Reports Development

There is very little vendor pitch and something for everyone

Mani Sivagnanam
Sr. Manager, Marketing Systems

It's a great conference about newer, emerging technologies.

Deependra Das
Sr. Analyst
Mayo Clinic

Big Data TechCon has a great atmosphere, organization and extra activities, even a morning run. It's a great time with many experts to learn from.

Jarek Jarcec Cecho
Software Engineer,

This confernce is very, very well managed.

Rahul Joglekar,

The conference is great for learning about the theory, concepts and technology of Big Data.

Waleed Sarwani,
Sarwani Systems

The conference has good content and selection of speakers, and is well organized in general.

Volker Schulz ,
VP of Engineering,

Great networking opportunities.

TK Lee
Education Technologist
Penn State University

The hands-on tutorials were practical and useful. They had real examples, which is exactly what I came for and I was not disappointed. Also, the Women in Big Data Luncheon alone was almost worth the cost of admission.

Naomi Anderson,
Sr. Software Developer

Great for high-level learning!

Carol Long,
Executive Acquisitions Editor,
Wiley Publishing

There are some great classes covering a wide range of areas, from technical to business-related, general priniciples and specific technologies. It's a good value for the cost.

Nicolas Metts,
Software Engineer,

A great learning experience.

Schalk van der Merwe
RCS Group

Big Data TechCon is a great way to raise your awareness on what's out there for Big Data and gives you ideas on what to dig into.

Corey Andalora
Sr. Java Developer