Mobile phone tracking is knowing where the phone is located either stationary or moving. The activity is achieved when the GPS ( Global Positioning System) is on or by through multilateration of signals among cell towers and phone. Locating through multilateration of radio signals the phone has to produce a roaming signal to contact a nearby antenna tower for the location to be successful. The GPS location depends on the smartphone signal strength to the antenna masts.

Mobile tracking is used to know where the phone’s coordinates are positioned. By that basis, the applicant can see the location of the tracked phone.
In the modern era, the capabilities are being used to spy the recipients’ phone. When a user installs a mobile app on the person, they want to track they also can access to other information. The tracker can record calls, scan the passwords, view the web history and access the messages and call log.

Why should someone track another person’s phone and it is infringing their privacy?

Parents concern- Children own smartphones with access to the internet. As a parent, we are concerned about what our children are accessing. The best thing we can control that by spying on them. When our children safety is our concern, we locate them via GPS where they are at the moment.

Suspecting unfaithfulness– It is the reason why spouses install spyware apps on the spouses’ phones. They investigate their activity to determine if they are being cheated on.

Controlling employees– When you have a co-worker who you do not trust with on their activity you spy them through the smartphones. We store a lot of data on our phones.

Personal use– What do you do when you lose your phone? Installing mobile track, it helps locate our phones when they are stolen. The application can also delete all the information according to your specification.

How can a mobile app be used to track cell phone locations?

A smartphone is a straightforward device to lose. Not just being stolen but it can fall off our pockets while in the park or bus. The smartphone withholding a lot of data about our lives is very sensitive when someone else accesses it. It is near to impossible when we try to recover the lost data.
Not only the phone getting lost, but it can malfunction or be damaged. The device can be infected with malware which can destroy all the data.

Thanks to cloud services such as the Hoverwatch program you can retrieve your data quickly. The information includes contacts, call history, call identity, call duration, call location, images, audio files, call place and recordings to be available when you need them.
The Hoverwatch software when installed in another person’s phone you can track all their activity.

How do I install the Hoverwatch program to track a cell phone?

  • Access the site in any browser.
  • Sign up on the free option.
  • Fill in your email and provide a strong password.
  • Continue with ‘Create Account’ and select the ‘Add Device’ option.
  • When you add the device instructions will pop up on the how you will install it on your platform and provide an active link.
  • Adjust your phone conditions to fit the installations requirement.
  • Continue by downloading the software, and it will automatically be installed on the phone.
  • Log in with the information you provided when you started including the password you created to activate the application on the phone.

When the software is activated, it will use the Global Positioning Systems, Wi-Fi signal and other technological monitoring ways to locate your phone or the one who you are tracking. All the information you need to access is on The user who wants to follow will learn all they need from the site. It is encrypted, and your data is safe. The user can change his location trucking frequency via the setting panel to achieve his desired time interval.

Unique functions of the application

1) Phone Location Tracking Feature – Many applications only locate the phones when they are GPS is on or the Wi-Fi. When you install the Hoverwatch software, you do not need even the phone to be on. It uses the cell towers radio signal to locate the user phone.
2) Call Recorder– The phone being tracked with the application is vulnerable to all calls being recorded. The software keeps the record for the call logs.
3) SMS track– The software can access all the messages sent or received through the phone. The option also provides the GPS location of the monitored phone.
4) Invisible– When the Hoverwatch application is installed in the Android platform it is invisible. The person being tracked can never notice the software on their phone. Your spying will be anonymous forever.
5) Whatsapp Monitor– Whatsapp is the current default messaging platform for people. The Hoover application retrieves even messages deleted on the platform. It will access the group chat messages as well. The Whatsapp spy will detect the one sending indecent images and pictures to the phone being monitored.
6) Browsing history– Most people use the hidden option to hide their browsing history. The Hoverwatch app tracks and keep records of all the browsing history regardless of the option you choose to browse.
7) Facebook Messenger Tracker– Facebook social media platform is accessible through the Hoverwatch platform. The app will retrieve all the messages and media shared through the platform. It will monitor any activity done on the facebook account through the phone.
8) Sim Card Swap– When your phone sim card is changed you will be notified by the Hoverwatch app. The new Simcard number will be recorded for reference. If the activity done through the number is suspicious all information will be stored.

Conclusions and results

The Hoverwatch app is your ultimate phone tracking software. Store your data to prevent any loss in the future. You can use the app to spy on a spouse, workmate, and child. The monitoring activity will go unnoticed. The application is free to track the cell phone.