The application for tracking your children’s mobile phones

The best parental apps are necessary for tracking browser history, location, games, time spent on device especially if you know your child has a phone. Parents should be sensitive on the whereabouts of their children and the kind of information that they take in. That is why responsible parents see the need for tracking their children’s phones.

Why do parents need to monitor the child’s phone?

Some parents get squeamish about parental monitoring.They feel that by tracking their children activities, they are invading their privacy.Well, that sounds controversial but let us look at the dangers that our children might be exposed to if we feel their privacy is Paramount.
Teens might find it interesting taking nude pictures and sharing it with their friends.Therefore, as a parent monitoring your child’s activities will enable you to step in and stop such behavior before it gets out of hand.
This is a common vice, especially among our children.Cyberbullies harass them eventually they suffer emotional distress without telling their parents.It is mandatory for parents to monitor what their children are going through.
– Online predators
The internet is full of online predators who might develop a dubious relationship by talking to your children to be on the watch as a parent.
-Bad habits
– Some of the friends that our children are meeting on social platforms can lead them to some bad behavior such as drug abuse, shoplifting or certain habits that are against the family code of conduct.
– Protect their personal information
Children might in one way or another reveal more about themselves which could pose a threat to their security.
-Safeguard their reputation
Children might post some materials online which could damage their reputation even as they are growing.
-Identity theft
Children are young and innocent, and someone might steal their details and open accounts and other suggestive sites.
-Malware and viruses
Children are not in a position to evaluate sites or apps to download content.

What are the alternatives

Today’s children have access to the Internet at a tender age which calls for the need to monitor their activities.They might be exposed to pornographic material, hackers which might corrupt their morals.However, how can parents protect their children from bad influences but still allow them to access positive information?Let’s take a look at the following alternative methods.
-Parental control software
Parental control software is an alternative method of monitoring your child’s phone activities. This software allows parents to impose time restrictions, monitor social network conversation and block access to inappropriate websites.
-Router time scheduling
Parental control router is effective in the household that has internet connectivity.Therefore,experts have fitted software filters to this routers to enable parents to filter the access of online content that their children are exposed.Parents can set these filters and time scheduling to monitoring their children activities.
– Usage control
Usage controls help parents to restrict access to some websites and the time their children spend online.configuration of user controls is an easy and straightforward process.
-Web browser filters
This is one of the most overlooked aspect, but as a parent, it can help you restrict access to inappropriate websites as your children use the internet.You can configure a specific proxy to the web browser and each time your child tries to Access inappropriate context it loads a blank page.Alternatively, you can block access by disabling access to certain sites under the settings of your child’s browser.

Most popular programs

It is among the best in the obtrusive world of the tracking system.Parents can use hoverwatch to monitor all child s phone activities.It has some unique features such as:
  • Phone location tracking-hoverwatch uses GSM cell tower to provide information about your child’s whereabouts even when GPS and Wi-Fi are turned off.
  • Stealth tracking-it can’t be noticed once you install it on your phone.You can track your child activities without their notice.
  • Call recording-You can record all calls both incoming and outgoing.
  • Browsing history-hoverwatch records all the browsing history.
  • Camera monitoring– You can track your child’s gallery to prevent your child from taking nude photos.
This is one of the best parental monitoring apps that allow parents to track their children phone activities.As a parent you can know :
  • Your child location
  • Messaging
  • Gallery
  • Call logs
As a parent, you will have protected your child against cybercrimes, online predators and developing irresponsible habits.
It is accurate monitoring that you can use to track your child’s activities.It helps you to protect your child from accessing your pornographic material, cyberbullying and other threats.It is a highly advanced surveillance app.

How to install the program on your child’s phone

Installing Hoverwatch is simple.All you need Is to follow the following steps:
-Prepare the phone by allowing installation of apps from unknown sources.
-Open your browser and search for Hoverwatch.Click sign up and enter your email and your password
-Download and install the application from your account.
-On the dashboard set what you want to monitor and get started.

What you can see after installing the program

After installation, the program will start, and you can choose to optimize according to your needs.You can as well change its settings to get ready to monitor your child geographic location, phone calls,messages, and internet browsing activities.

 A story about using spy app

I once attended a form of on parental responsibilities towards our children.Then something on spy apps came up which caught my attention.I realized that when we are not close to our children we might be making assumptions that they are still innocent yet they got spoiled at their tender age.This prompted me to seek a reliable spy app to control the kind of information my child gets exposed to and to protect them from harassment like cyberbullying.


Do you spy on your child’s phone? If not then you are neglecting your parental obligations. Our children are exposed to toxic materials, and if we are not careful, we might be raising drug addicts, perverts . Therefore before this gets out of hand be there for your child. Track every activity to be able to advise him or her appropriately. Let us be responsible for our kids!

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