The world has witnessed technological advancements that have even surpassed what most of us could expect. One major area of technology advancement has been the field of communication and internet services. Today, anyone can access almost anything on the internet. Unfortunately, this has been seized by many to access things that might be considered derogatory by others. This in turn has led to the rise of Hidden Apps on Android phones.

Meaning, existence and users of Hidden Apps On Android

1.Meaning of Hidden Apps on Android

By Android hidden apps, it simply means the kind of applications that are not drawn to the screen by the app launcher icon. Therefore, only the owner of the phone knows they are installed and hence cannot be accessed for use by any other person. They can also be in the form of apps which perform a function different from entirely what their name and icons imply.

2.People Who Might Use Apps Hidden on Android

Generally, anyone can be a user of Android hidden apps. Contrary to the general opinion that these apps usually contain nasty content, many people use them for storing sensitive information such as their bank details. However, these apps are attributable to young people who try to hide mischievous files from parents or even spouses who are engaging in bad behaviours such as cheating or chit-chats. In a recap, users of hidden apps are anyone who wishes to hide anything from others.

Monitoring Hidden Apps on Android

Due to the need for parental control, popular softwares exist in order to monitor the activities by teens. Such include:

This programme enables you as a parent to monitor every app that can potentially lead to a pervasive teen. With it, you can track your kids chats on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Viber,telegram and other interaction online platforms. You can also locate your clients location using the program. It is compatible with Android and iOS.

2. Hoverwatch
With hoverwatch, you enjoy the remote monitoring of almost all aocial media platforms. Furthermore, you can be able to access your childs call log, sms, whatsapp and detect even sim card changes. This spyware can be pivotal for parental control or in cases of lawful mining of information. There is a free trial version of it as well as for mspy.

3. Spyzie
With this program, one can monitor all phone activities such as text messages, calls, facbook and whatsap texts or chats in any other social platform. Furthermore, it enables the user to set geofences and receive notifications if they are crossed. With it, you can block potentially harmful sites and apps for your kids or for suspicious employees. It is compatible with Android, windows and iOS. Spyzie is also available anywhere on any browser.

What is your Partner Hiding in their phone

With hidden apps, spouses may cheat and fail to ever get noticed. If you have seen potential indicators of your spouse being a cheat, then there may be hidden apps where he/she is hiding something from you. He/she may be hiding erotic conversations with elseone. It could also be nasty pictures on their phone or videos that they might never want you to see. Be wise and try to seeany hidden apps on the phone of your spouse.

Popular Hidden Apps on Android

Though there are many popular apps, the most used ones nowadays include:

1.Secret Calculator
This application is cunning in that it seems just like a normal calculator. You can perform arithmetic calculations on it and never doubt it for what it actually is. It usually has a small icon where you tap and see its contents. Of late, each calculator comes with a password or any other security lock such as a pattern or pin. Some are even designed to take a photo of anyone who fails to enter the right security key while trying to access it.

2. Coverme
This is a multi purpose hidden app that can be used to hide calls, photos, videos, browser history or any other sensitive information. Usually, it comes with a password and is very difficult to see. It is one of the most powerful hidden app on Android and can contain very nasty things. It can also be used for secret messaging.

3. Best Secret Folder
It looks like nothing interesting and is hardly seen when hidden. Usually, this app has a password and if you fail to get it right, it will turn in. It has a versatility in usage and may even be used to enter text messages. You might fail to see it because of its casual icon.

What you should do to find the hidden apps on Android

Am quite sure that this is the most interesting part of this article that you have probably longed for. If you think your partner is bidding some stuffs in their phone or you are just a parent and would like what your children are bidding in their androids then this is the part that is going to give you clear solutions to access the hidden apps. The following are the major steps to follow in order to access the hidden apps on androids.
  • click the file manager app
  • select a particular group of files that you need to view, for example you can choose videos or images as your category. You may also select all files.
  • you can now open the menu then proceed to the settings option after.
  • in the settings, you should be able to identify the ‘hidden apps’ list among other items.
  • you can now view the details that you wanted to see in the hidden apps.
The procedure is simple and anyone can try it anytime they get hold of the partner’s android phones.
Hidden apps on Android are very helpful when you need to secure your personal details from other people even those that are close to you. However, if you also need to know what your spouse is bidding in their phones, you can as well use the above steps to access the hidden apps.

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